Color Prints in the Darkroom

Working with color in the dark room is very challenging, but a rewarding experience.

     I start by making test strips. The first test strip is to determine a exposure time. The color head works by mixing white light with color filters and then sending that light through the color negative to the paper. There are 3 filters to adjust, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow. I start with 0-cyan 40-magenta 40-yellow. I set my timer for 2 second bursts and I cover the photo paper with a piece of cardboard that I move across the paper to achieve a range from 2 to 16 seconds. At this point i can determine a exposure time and review the color cast of the print and then make adjustments to the filters to adjust the print to achieve good color balance. By adding or removing color the light is filtered through, I can adjust the color of the print, I generally try to get the white areas to look correct first then balance the other colors from there.