"The Middle" A Ongoing Image Series

What is The Middle?

When I started this series it was meant to be about small town middle America, or whats left of them. Forgotten Main streets, abandoned industries, lost dreams. There are so many of these small to medium sized towns that seem to be ignored, but yet they still go on. People still live there small business manage scrape by and survive.

As time went on I began to realize that there is more to this photo series, Its also the middle “class”, it’s people with a central political stance. In todays political and social environment, I feel all that is discussed is the top 1% the uber rich, or the poor. The middle class is ignored. Its also seems that your either hard right wing or hard left wing, and anything in-between is disregarded. 

This series will continue to grow, and my goal is have a selected group of prints for gallery shows.

Please continue to check back to see new images and new towns, follow me and my travels and exploration on my instagram feed.

I will try to update the gallery often, but here is the full gallery on my smugmug site